Feb 1, 2012

Time Out?!

      When my 1st child had her 1st tantrum, she was about 15moths at the time I was kinda lose my temper.... I dunno what to do until one day..... jeng jeng jeng. (hahaha) I tengok Jon & Kate plus 8 on the TV. One of the kids had tantrum and was given time-out. It struck me! Perhaps I can do the same thing to my daughter? I wonder.....
      Experiment time....tak sabar rasa tunggu si kecilku itu mengamuk. few days had passed since i determined to give it a go. At last the day came, I was so eager to try the new term of punishment to the 15 months old child that I forgot how do I to actually implemented it? Jusy by saying, "Baby naughty, so baby kena time-out". Paham ke dia? She' was only 15 months old at the time...hmmm
      Macam mana nak buat ni? susah jugak... Nampak dalam TV so easy . hehe. Of course 1st try it didn't work. Yes, to implement a set of rules and understanding need time and patience. Which Alhamdulillah I have both. [^_^]. As the time passed akhirnya my eldest princess faham jugak... fuhh! Syukur pada Allah. Nak ajar budak ni bukannya senang tau... hehe.

      So, macam mana I buat? First, I kena established a place, nak suruh dia duduk diam2 at a corner of coursela mustahil kan at 15 months old. So instead of standing at a corner I pun took a stool small enough for her to sit but not too big until she can get down by herself.. hehe.. Nasib baik my daughter ni jenis penakut sikit. Dia tak berani nak turun sendiri.. gayat kot.... [^_^].
     Hence, that was how I implement time-out for my dearest princess. It works like wonders... now every time she hears time-out memang melalak taknak. Tapi takder la duduk atas stool lagi.  Just standing at a corner will do. Padahal bukannya kena apa2 pun mama sentuh pun tak. Memang dia tak suka time-out. Tapi sendiri mau ingatla kan siapa suruh naughty, tak dengar cakap mama. Kan dah kena. hehe [^_^].
    As for my little cheeky prince, I tengah bertimbang-timbang nak implement this thingy but dunno how to perform it. And besides he's only coming to 10 months old... At such age mcm mana nak execute self-soothing. But yang kita cerita kat new post ya. [^_^]

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