Feb 9, 2012

Cornflakes Madu

You know duirng Hari Raya mesti kena buat biskut raya kan?..  hehe.
When I was little biskut raya yang menjadi kemestian is Biskut cornflakes (not this one) and Biskut Sarang Semut.. Its been... ages dah mama tak buat... the last time I ate Biskut Sarang Semut is,  if I'm not mistaken last year. That one I've made it myself. Obviously, its not the same as our mother's. [^_^]

Now mama dont make biscuits anymore. Tired she said.
"Biscuit is for young people to make. mama old already".. huhu.
But if you asked "nicely" and said will help her to make it... she'll make it. That is my dearest mummy!! Love you so much mama. Ngeeeeee [^_^].

During Hari Raya Aildilfitri, mama will definitely make rendang ayam, Negeri Sembilan's style. And kuah kacang. That is the 2 dishes that mama will make every year. We always celebrate our Hari Raya at Tok's house in Padang Temusu Sg. Petani. So sure enough without saying the 2 dishes she will bring to Tok's house. And abah will order some ketupat daun palas from a dearest friend of his. The ketupat is soooo lembut and sedap unlike any other ketupat I've ever tasted before.

Usually, my sister will make this Cornflakes madu since it is her favourite and it is very easy to prepare. Previously, this cornflakes madu doesnt appeal to me at all just biasa2 ja. But last year, I ate Ikin punya version (adik ipar). It was so tasty! I terus fell in love with. and asked her to teach me to do it. And so she did..in addition my daughter loves it too!! Hooraaayy!! Good for her. Cornflakes + Honey, its a good thing right?! hehe.

Thus, since then I've been making cornflakes madu everytime I feel like eating something sweet and light. Munching away!. [^_^]

For my daughter....

Cornflakes madu monster! nom nom nom...

For Meeeeeeee!! Muahahahahaha! [^_^]

  • Cornflakes - 1 box
  • Honey
  • Butter - half bar
  • Sugar
  1. The butter is melted.
  2. Then add the honey ~ 3-5 tablespoon (according to your liking)
  3. When they mix well add pinch of sugar (according to your liking)
  4. Next, add the cornflakes slow the heat and stir. Turn off the fire
  5. Stir again untill all cornflakes is covered with honey+butter.
  6. Place them in papercup
  7. Bake in the oven ~ 10mins (depend on the oven) untill golden brown. This is stick them togeher.
  8. Oven is 180degree
Bon Apetite!
Hope Ikin wont be furious when I share this recipe... Thank you Ikin! [^_^]

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