Feb 8, 2012

Ketam Nipah

Ketam oh Ketam....
I don't really like ketam actually... Maybe because nak makan you have to "dig" into its shell and finally when you got there isi macam sikit.. That's how I experienced it whenever I eat ketam.

At home mama always cook ketam bunga. The dish that she usually makes is of course gulai ketam dengan nanas la. And some ketam goreng. I don't really like gulai...not my preferred dish I would say. I ni pemakan sambal. Buatla apa pun sambal, orang Kedah kata masak cabai, ikan, udang, ayam or daging surely I'll clean the plate. hehe [^_^]

Here in Bintulu its very hard to get ketam bunga. Of course this ketam is not always available.. ada musim. But still it is very scarce. Here, the local likes ketam nipah. I never ate this kind of ketam before.... I think... but most definitely I never cooked it before, ever in my life. Undeniably this is the first time.

Kalau ikutkan I ni, I takla pegi carik ketam ni kan.. Tapi my hubby just so teringin nak makan ketam haritu. So, that day kebetulan ada sorang apek jual ketam ni kat pasar tamu Bintulu...hence, dia pun belila..huhu

At first I was OK with it, since I thought how hard is it to cook this "ketam nipah" indeed it would be the same as 'ketam bunga' yang biasa tu... So here goes...I knew that the ketam was still alive, this kind of ketam that is.... I asked my husband to open the plastic bag for me, my heart was pounding so hard when the plastic bag moved.

Eeeekkkk!! the ketam is staring at me!!! takut!! hahahahaha.
Hubby: Kata OK.. no problem.
Me: Memang OK, tapi dia tengah ushar la macam mana nak siang!! macam dia tengah tunggu nak attack ja.. macam mana ni??!!
Hubby: !@#$%^

So with that, I took a picture of it, sent to my mom and asked how to "handle" the ketam. hehe [^_^].
Luckily, mama knew how and text me the details...Its easy actually, you only need to puncture the crab on its belly on top of the triangle..you'll get what I mean when you see the picture. And that's all. It will pengsan or died... then you can clean macam biasa.

So there you have it... how to kill ketam nipah. haha [^_^].
I was kinda scary at first. After that, dah OK.
I cooked the ketam with chilly crab recipe which I forgot already... Got the recipe from the net but I improvised a bit since bahan2 tak cukup. ;)
I'll update later when I remember..

 What are you looking at! Grrrr!

"Pengsan" sudah...you see the tiny hole at the triangle?

Cleaned and ready to be cooked

Voila! Chilly Crab!

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  1. Ketam nipah ni bukan ke tak boleh makan ke?


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