Jul 15, 2013

Latest Passion..

It has been quite a while since the last time I posted an entry...dah lama sgt rasanya.. hehe
Has been quite preoccupied with the kids..."making babies" haha. Now that I'm 26 weeks... (alreadY?!)
How time flies..

Since I was away... I had developed a new hobby, not really new..... dah lama ada hobi ni but since last time I don'have the machine to do it. Now that I DO... it did keep me quite busy with small-small projects. [^_^].

This is a sneak peak of the latest project that I've been making...

jeng... jeng... jeng...
what it is... I let you know in the next post... wink*

Feb 8, 2013

Telekung Warna Dewasa

Assalamualaikum and Morning to all,

This is an example of the telekung warna...sneak peek.. ^_^

Colour code -724

Colour code - 713

Colour code - 706 
 For more colours please refer the colour code HERE
Thank you for surfing.

Jan 18, 2013

Colour code telekung warna

Asssalamualaikum and Hi,

For those yang interested yang nak order telekung warna, please refer to the colour codes to order.

Available in adult and kids size

Please contact me via tel no. 019-6616399 (sms)
or PM me darleenaz@yahoo.com.

701 - BLACK



Dewasa -> RM70
Kanak-Kanak ->RM50

Dewasa -> RM80
Kanak-Kanak -> RM60

*Harga tidak termasuk pos. Harga postage adalah RM10/pc untuk seluruh Malaysia.
Kaedah tempahan adalah pre-order. 

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