Feb 2, 2012


This morning was very kelam kabut... I was 30mins late from my usual wake up, 5.00am. My husband and I slept in separate room....(it's not what u think, believe me. hehe) We were in a process to teach my eldest daughter to sleep in her own room. I was with the prince coz he is still breastfeed so it's up to my hubby to persuade the little angel. So my husband end up tido with her sampai pagi....haha [^_^]

Yang kelam kabutnya... my daughter kencing tilam! oooops! Looking at my husband's water face, I knew he was outrageous because his RM1K++ mattress kena kencing.... hehe. Fortunately for me, he just sigh and pull off the cover and staring at the "pool" of urine. ;)
Mama: "Kakak, kenapa kakak kencing tilam?" slalu tak pun?"
Daughter: "Kakak tak taahaaan sangat. Abah sleep...

Hmmm.. kakak, kakak....biasala terkucil. Baru ja potty train.. It's almost a month she is without pampers during at night. During the day, dah OK, long before, I think I started training her when she was 2yrs old.

OOhh...I reckon dia terkucil due to the allergy attacked the night before last night. Until now I can't figure out what triggered her allergies. Dia memang dah ada mild eczema. That is since she was a baby. But to have a swollen eye, nose, mouth and ear, starting with an itchy mark on her knees and elbows.. that is allergy attack. What caused it? Still a mystery.

This has been the 3rd attack for as long as 3 years and 2 months old of her life. The 1st attacked if I remember it right it was due to air kelapa muda. If I'm not mistakenla. At the time pun I'm not really sure. She was then 2yrs+++, not really sure the exact date. The 2nd time followed a couple of months after that. I was thought she was allergy to the antibiotic that I've given her, because the swelling occur soon after she took the medicine. But the DR. had ruled that out. He said the antibiotic didn't cause the allergy.

This time...hmmm after giving it a thought takkan dia allergy dengan kaya kot? U know that spread you put on the bread.... Lets traced back the steps.. after getting back to school I bath her, because you knowlah it was in the afternoon and the weather is scorching hot so so tend to "garu" because panas+peluh makes her itch. Then she ate some porridge I made for her and asked for some roti. Usually, I'll make toast bread with honey but that day I made toast with some kaya. Just to see whether she likes it or not, she's very picky eater my daughter ni....

Luckily, she likes it... but she didn't finish it. She only ate half. After that, she was sleepy, and took a nap. I noticed the itchy started after she woke up. On her knees and elbows naik biji2 macam kena gigit nyamuk just smaller... I thought the usual itchy la.. her eczema... putting some ointment after giving her mandi petang...Dinner around 7pm nasi kicap, her usual meal. Nothing extra ordinary. Soon after she asked for coco crunch.. and that's about it...

She was forced to sleep at 8.30pm since her itchy gotten worse and she cannot help herself from scratching. Before sending her to her bed, I sapu lagi ubat on the itchy area... And off to bed with the father. And I went to bed to put the baby brother to sleep. About 30min after that, I heard my husband yelled, "Mama!, Mama!, mai jap sini!.. I were nearly dozed off that time.. "what now?!" I said to myself.
I was really shocked to see her eyew had swollen!!. Macam kena tumbuk.. really! It was kinda funny and kesian at the same time.

Immediately, the father brought her to the specialist to see the paediatrician.. it was closed. So my husband decided to bring my little angel to the emergency room at Columbia Asia. That's the best place there is. The emergency doctor was good. I like the doctor... Hey , don't get me wrong kay.. I like the doctor because he always explain things. I like doctors who explain things.. [^_^].

So that was the story, to think of it... the unusual thing that she ate that day was the kaya... takkan plak she allergy to the kaya?? Or perhaps the eggs in the kaya?? I don't think so, because she ate cookies and pancakes and cakes that I made and not to mention cakes at the secret recipe.. She was fine then. No bulging eyes watsoever...I still don't know what cause the allergy attack! And this is really a mystery.
Plus my daughter doesn't eat any jajan.. I just dont allow her.... Any suggestions?! Signing off,

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