Feb 21, 2012

Bed Sharing... What say you?

"Cosleeping (sometimes spelled co-sleeping, and also known as bed sharing or "having a family bed") is the practice of having your infant in your bed with you during sleep. Cosleeping promotes breastfeeding and bonding, and it is safer than crib/cot sleeping when practiced correctly. Cosleeping beyond the breastfeeding years is common in many non-Western cultures, and even in the West many families choose to extend cosleeping through toddlerhood and well into middle childhood."
This is what I can find about bed sharing....
I am in favour of this bed sharing... In fact I'm still share the same bed with my 3++ years old daughter. Well, now not so much since I was planning to train her to sleep in her own room@bed.

As for me, I'm into co-sleeping because I breastfeed my children.. both of them. My  eldest daughter, until she was 2 years old. And my son 10 months old and still being  breastfed.

It is practical, at night I don't have the need to wake entirely wake up to feed the baby. I can do it half awake.. hehe. [^_^]. So it is very convenient during night feedings, since my baby wakes up 2-3 times to feed. And the baby can settled back to sleep quickly.

Snuggling in bed is very good feeling, especially with your baby (and hubby too.. hehe). You are actually bonding with your baby. Co-sleeping improves closeness since it helps the baby feel safe and secure.

I do believe that the bonding is crucial to the baby's physical and emotional development. The feeling is rewarding and satisfying and it's good for the relationship with the child. A happy baby is a healthy baby...[^_^].

What ever your choice is, the most important thing is to do it safely when regards to your offspring.
You will put a risk to your baby if you are:
  • you or your partner smoke
  • you or your partner take drugs, alcohol or any type of sedative medication that causes heavy sleep.
I don't know you all... but I dont think in Malaysin family would have these problems..[^_^]. But we never know, in modern times like now..huhu. Praise to Allah I'm such an old-school parent and I appreciate traditional values. hehe.

Well, you may ask how we do it since there are 4 of us and the kids growing each day... well it is totally up to you, how you are going to do it. As long as it works.. As for me, a couple of months a go it work out great with the 4 of us crammed on the bed (luckily our bed is King size! :). But now the daughter is in training to sleep on own bed. And my husband will sometimes sleep with me or with the daughter whenever he needs the peace and quiet...[^_^]. That is how it works for us. Some family dont share the same bed but share the same room..that can be considered too.. hehe.

Based on a research co-sleeping has 7 benefits:
  1. Babies sleep better
  2. Mothers sleep better
  3. Breastfeeding is easier
  4. It's contemporary parenting
  5. Babies thrive better
  6. Parents and infant become more connected
  7. Reduces the risk of SIDS(Sudden Infant Death Syndrom)
So just ask yourself how it is going to come off for you and practise it. It is worth it! It has more benefit than harm as far as my experience brings me.
Signing off,


  1. my friend got problem when his 2 gals are still sleeping with him when they starts to use sport bra. That shows how strong their bond is ;)

  2. wow!Its a good thing that he's into co-sleeping... but as for me 3 yrs is long enough. Plus now,my kids tend to "berebut" me when we are together in 1 bed. Even the 10months old wont give in...hehehe[^_^]


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