Jan 31, 2012

To Rotan or Not to Rotan.....

How do you decipline you kids? Especially those yang berumur dalam lingkungan 2-7 years old...toddlerhood.

Some say should rotan, like pepatah melayu, "Melentur Buluh, Biarlah dari Rebungnya". Decipline should be instilled when they are still young....And some say, shouldn't rotan them, still young...low self esteem..and wat not...So what is the best thing to do??!!

I dunno about you but I was brought up by a strict father...garang.. and a cikgu too. [^_^]

Me and my siblings were raised with ROTAN.. buuhuu. Not to say that I was sooo nakal when I was younger, that is how abah diciplined us. And look how we turned out to be.. elok ja jadi orang...hehe.

Looking at current trend, perhaps rotan is a big NO, NO.. especially in school. Cikgu tak bole sentuh langsung student nanti kena ambil tindakan. Student pulak boleh sepak-sepak cikgu. Unlike those masa zaman our fathers.. why huh? I wonder...

Kat rumah pulak macam mana? Those SAHM and WAHM out there how do you tackle your kiddos?

As for me, I tend to rotan... not a lot but ocassionally. Mungkin that is how I was raised, so I handle my children the same way when they are naughty. Barangkali that is how parents out there.. (young parents like me.. :)) treat their kids.Well as you all know our children doesn't come with a manual that we can always refer to whenever there's a problem. The only manual that we have is our experience. Life experience.. how we are brought up....and of course common sense.

Refering to our prophet Muhammad S.A.W on cara baginda mendidik anak...Rasulullah bersabda yang bermaksud, "Suruhlah anak-anak kamu bersembahyang pada usia 7 tahun dan pukullah mereka sekiranya mereka tidak bersembahyang pada usi 10 tahun dan pisahkan antara mereka si tempat tidur."

Saidina Ali juga berpesan supaya kita mendidik anak mengikut tahap kecerdikannya..meaning: 1st 7 years play with them, at 7 till 14 didik them and during teenagers be their friends.

Insya-allah I will try to implement these methods but you knowla kan being human yang alpa dan serb kekurangan ni.. kadang2 naik angin jugakla kan... especially whe raising 2 kids at the same time 3 yrs old and 9 months old.. :)

I'm not siding with anyone rotan or to not rotan.. Just stating that we parents just do whatever we have to do in order to raise a kid. Of course la kan semua orang mengidamkan anak yang soleh, solehah dan berakhlak baik. I am trying my best with everything that I know of to raise my little prince and princess hoping insya-allah they will turned out to be anak2 yang soleh dan solehah. Amin....

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