Mar 14, 2012

Wantan Dumplings....[^_^]

I like dumplings... (fried ones) hehe..but here its hard to find, the halal ones that is. So,I've decided to try making my one.

I've googled it and found this recipe to make the wantan skin;

flour - 250gm
water - 80ml
salt - 1 teaspoon
egg -1

thats it! very simple. For the filling, I've used my karipap filling.

With minced meat, potatoes and carrots

the dough

1st try

my daughter call it 'flower dumpling'

after frying..tasty

try different shapes....look how it turned out! disaster haha

So there you have it. homemade dumpling. The dough is so smooth and crunchy when you eat it while its hot. My daughter loves the wantan skin more than the filling! perhaps because it is crunchy.

Its taste is not quite the same as the ones I usually ate outside but I think it is as good because now i can make it my self! and eat it as much as I wanted! yeay! [^_^]

Someday I will try to make with the usual filling.... chicken with crab [^_<]

Signing off,


  1. sedapnyer wantan ni...kalau rebus pun sedapkan!!

    1. hehe...thanks! rebus punya tak pernah try lagi. insya-allah sedap kot [^_<]


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