Mar 15, 2012

Soap Nut??!!!

Have you heard about soap nut?!
Well I've came to know about it recently....while searching for the best soap to wash the cloth diapers.

Soapnut@Soapberries is actually a natural and eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaner. It can be used for your laundry as well as for your household cleaning around the house from dish-washing to jewellery cleaning, and even for your pets shampoo. It doesn't produce lots of suds so it is fit to use in either top or front loading washing machines.

It is 100% natural, biodegradable and of course free from harsh chemicals. Gentle for little ones too! Perhaps for those with allergy and sensitive skin you might wanna give this a try and see what happens.

I've read that there are 2 ways to use this soap nut...

  1. Use it as a whole
  2. Use it in liquid form
As a whole
Just put in 6-8 soapnut in a cotton bag/an old sock and dump in your washing machine and wash normally As easy as that.
For soiled laundry use it together with hot water and with cold water for refreshing the clothes.
Essential oil can be added in the wash bag to get a scented laundry.
Soapnut mush be stored in a cool dry place preferably in an airtight container. However, sometimes it might absorb moisture form the environment and become sticky but this wont effect its cleaning properties.
When the soap has become mushy, has no soapy feeling and gray it is time throw them away, but don't put in the rubbish bin, rather can be turned into compost for your garden! [^_^]

In liquid form
Firstly, the soapnut shell must be soak in the water for at least 12hours. Take 15-20 pieces into 4-5 cups of water. Strain and use.
The water will get more concentrated when you leave it soak longer. The shell can still be use until it is no longer has 'soapy' feeling.

Alternatively you can bring the water to boil and simmer for 30 minutes , with same quantity of soapnut shell and water. But then again these cannot be reuse. In this form, it will last longer if stored in the refrigerator. If leave at room temperature it only last for 4-5 days.
In this liquid form it can be use for lots of cleaning function:

  • general household cleaning
  • Handwashing silk and delicate fabric
  • Liquid hand soap and shampoo
  • Pet shampoo
  • Plant wash and pest repellent
  • Jewellery cleaner
  • Window and glass cleaner and many more.

Basically, soapnut is a soap that grows on tree! Very natural and 100% free from harsh chemical. Gentle for your sensitive skin and even for the plant. They produce little bubbles but that doesn't reduce its efficient cleaning. And must be change when it turned black and mushy. 

Wow I guess this is exactly what I'm looking for! A miracle soap [^_^]. And its not that expensive.. On the net for 1kg it is around RM35-RM50. That is a lot of soapnut!
I can't wait to try it, for my laundry and for my eldest daughter. She has a very sensitive skin, no far nothing is quite suitable for her. I hope this is a good info for you. [^_^]

Signing off,

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