Mar 7, 2012

Post-Date "New Look"

For those yang often visit my blog.. you should notice the new make-over I made to the post date.Been meaning to do that since last week..

After a lot of research..reading.. trial and error, finally I've manage to do that in 1 day.. (phew)
They are so many tutorials and sample HTML program out there on the web believe me... but choosing the right one for your blog is very tedious work..

It reminds me during my studying in the uni...doing reaserch for my thesis and wat not..hehe [^_^].
The blog that I refer to is this one. It is very easy to understand and very straightforward, and of course you need to read through the post firstla to make sure it is suitable for your template.

I'm having fun trying... I hope you are too! [^_^] Signing off,


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