Mar 6, 2012

Mekap-ing the blog

It has been quite a while since I've updated my blog...
Bunkannya apa.. I've been busy, customizing my blog. Trying to design my own background and what not..things like that..

I'm not a programmer even though I've used to learn it before, when I took my diploma. But I've guessed that I'm not into programming...such a headache!! haha [^_^].

Anyhow, I;ve manage to put up this new look of my blog... ngeee.. And I know its not much. But I think thats all I manage to do. Like I said, I'm not into programming.

While doing this, I stumbled upon this blog. Its straight forward and easy instruction make any "dummy" like me can customize their own blog. It was fun at first. When you'll manage to get it the first time you do it...but it was no fun anymore when it doesn't turn out the way you wanted it to be..(grrrr...[>-<]

After much time has been spent and also sleepless night...(poyo..haha). I've given up...
My angan-angan and inspiration was to make a blog which look like these....
So jadik angan-angan je la.. Not a glimpse pun..hahaha. However, I'm really satisfied for the results with the given time and 2 kids to handle., I've manage to came up with this new background..yeay! Just give myself a pat at the back...hehe

Perhaps one day...I'll try again, who knows kan.. I know I can do it... because there are a lot of tutorials out there. You just have to look for the one that you can understand to follow the instruction.. hehe. [^_^].

So after this, back to posting recipes and stuff..
Signing off,


  1. baru ja lepas tuka template blog

  2. hehehe... same here. but trying my best to create sendiri..lepas ni nak buat page tabs or buttons..we'll see la...pening..


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