Mar 12, 2012


Last week my mother had asked me to buy some kain batik Sarawak for her friends..they ordered them. So the week before I went to the store took some pictures...discretely..(hahaha) afraid that the storekeeper might be upset and sent the pictures I took to mama.

Mama then show the pictures to her friends and made the booking. So, I pun boughtla a few number of kain batik... interesting jugakla coz they love them. Some would make them into baju kurung you know.. they bought 2 sets one for the baju kurung and the other for the sarung. Brilliant kan!

At the store they also sell 4 metre of kain pasang for baju kurung but the price is RM100+++. And I've seen that they have the same pattern as the kain batik.. but of course the teture is different. But if you compare the price, you can get sepasang kain for baju kurun for less than RM80 depending on the texture.

Meaning, this kain batik has many grades.... The higher the price the smoother and silkier the texture.

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