Apr 3, 2012

Mee Udang Made Easy

Homemade Mee Udang...
My hubby is very fond of noodle mee and kueteow especially... He is a  foodie.. [^_^]
Here in Bintulu its very hard to find such things... especially the halal ones plus sedap according to our tekak la. Coz sometimes we could noodle with the same name ... but when we got to taste it...!@#$%^&*..no comment there.. huhu.

So, while I'm here..everytime I crave something or my hubby would like to eat something we always refer to Mr. Google. hehe [^_^]

This time my hubby nak makan mee udang. So I got the resepi from here.
My hubby said it was not bad. I did made some alteration to the recipe since I dont have all the ingredients in my pantry. hehe

2nd time: everything in

1st time: with bwg goreng only...haha

Still tasted good..

Actually, Ive made this dish couple of times already.. but I dont have the time to post about it.. Been very busy lately.. With my 2nd kiddo throwing tantrums every other day.. huhu. part of growing up, hope its just a phase..(fingers cross) [^_^]

Signing off,

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