Apr 11, 2012

Big cheer for DD! HOORAy!!

I've been meaning to write this quite sometime ago..but been busy attending the kids. They were down with flu, both of them! Aaaaaarrrgggghh!
Thats how it is with my kids. When 1 is sick the other tend to 'follow'. [^_^]. After they were done with it they transfered the virus to their dear mummy...sigh..always in that order. Last month was fever-flu-virus-attack month, so thats why the blog seemed to be 'dim' too. hehe

Anyway, the big cheer is  for my dearest daughter, she is now 100% potty train!.. Yeay! actually it is been 3 months already...since she started schooling, at 3years and 1 month old! Mama so proud of you kakak! Muuaaahhhhhs!! [^_^].

Perhaps some mothers out there would feel 3 years is a bit too late but to me, it would came down to your child readiness to be potty trained or not. Frankly, I've trained her at the tender age of 1++ ..yes very young, since the day she was able to speak and understand what I'm saying. She was successfully potty trained during the day at 2. So she was no longer wearing any pampers during the day..only the nights and during travelling. hehe.

Slowly but constantly. That is my motto. That is how to make it work and to ensure your success. But the key is to be constant. And that is the hard part. Because I am a frequent traveller from Bintulu-Jitra, so the contant matter is difficult to realise. I think if I can constantly train her, she can be successfully potty  trained earlier. Believe me, it can be done.

Signing off,


  1. Yey!! Congratulations! No more buying diapers! hehehe

    1. yey!! that is right! But still buy for the baby brother. Now 50-50 using CD and DD. Planning to use 100% CD for him but not enough CD yet [^_^]


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