Dec 4, 2011

Capati anyone?

One of my favourite dish!
Here in Bintulu it's hard to find a good capati. Its not that there's no mamak stall which sells capati, but it's not as good as those you can find in Jitra.

In Jitra there are 3 places that sell good capati one in Tanah Merah and 2 in Jitra town. The best is of course Kak Jun's capati kat tepi sungai tu. Marvellouse I tell you. Makan pulak dengan susu lembu freshly squeezed.. Moooooooooooooooooooo! hehe. Itulah yang terbaik so far. I cannot find anywhere else the capati is soooo lembut. (Meleleh air liur neh....)

Anyway, the version that I made is good enough... well not as stunning as Kak Jun's but edible la kan.. haha.
Hey what do you expect.. I've made myself kot! should give me some credit la. Anyway its not that hard to make, the look is excellent, and the taste is agreeable.. hehe [^_^]

Kadang2 bila dah kempunan bole la buat sendiri.. Makan dengan kari ayam. Best!
The recipe I got from here

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